I’ve been exposed to Essential Oils for years now – because as you know, I am a Homeschooler and the two seem to go hand in hand.  It’s difficult to be around a crunchy mom and not have her pull out a little vial of Thieves® at some point during the day.  I know they work because I’m Puerto Rican and my mother-in-law is Haitian.  We Caribbeans subsist on natural home remedies.
Yet for some reason I never took the plunge until recently.  Maybe it was my deep seeded desire to cling to some sort of normality in life.  We’re so off the cuff when it comes to so many things – at least let me have my toxins!

I don’t have to tell you Essential Oils have been used for centuries and long precede medications, artificial fragrances, synthetic cleaning supplies, and so-called antibacterial soaps.  By now you’ve surely heard the buzz and are fully aware that your house is chock full of harmful substances from your pantry to your laundry room.  So why aren’t these little trendy oils more popular?

Young Living Essential Oils

1. As I mentioned earlier, it’s just plain weird.  It’s strange to walk around with little brown bottles that you whip out when your child gets a scrape or the mosquitoes start hovering.  It’s awkward to walk into someone’s house and see a volcano of aromatic therapeutic steam in the corner.  It’s peculiar to concoct your own potions and lotions, perfumes from blooms.  Not to mention it’s odd to be seen adding these “secret ingredients” to your cooking/baking recipes.  People don’t like to go against the grain and stick out like a sore thumb…which by the way can be healed with Essential Oils.

2. It’s gosh darn expensive.  First of all, I don’t use the word “expensive”, as I firmly believe people can afford whatever they choose to.  However, these little flasks are pricey.  You can walk into any dollar store and buy household items for 99 cents. Sure they are completely ruining your health, giving you all sorts of allergies and illnesses you will then visit the doctor for, pay copays, and take drugs that will further harm you…but that route is cheaper in the short term.  It’s the same mentality that keeps folks from buying Organic.  Why shell out the money upfront for long term benefits when we can easily pay later for convenience now?  You know why.

3.  People are leary of buying from their friends.  Most Essential Oils – the effective ones, at least – are sold through individuals and not in stores.  Companies that have caught on to the potential of these ointments have made their own versions – diluted, complete with alcohol or other fillers, not suitable for consumption, sometimes not even safe to be on your skin, and still labeled 100% pure. Yet people would rather buy something from a shop than from their trusted friend or family because of the whole anti-MLM mentality.  When they realize the store bought oils aren’t what they’re cracked up to be, they think Essential Oils don’t work.  No, you just didn’t buy the real deal.

The truth is, Essential Oils are amazing and they work wonders if you don’t mind being different, spending a little more money up front to save boat loads of money in the long run, and supporting the friends who dared to take the plunge before you.  When I visited my girlfriend with my phlegmy cough, she quickly oiled me up and gave me a special tea.  That night I slept peacefully for the first time in weeks.  I knew right then that it was time to jump in with both feet, and my purchases help her make a little extra cash.  That’s a win-win if you ask me!

What?  You’re asking me?  Well then, join my friends and I in becoming a member of an awesome therapeutic Essential Oils Family – the only one with a seed to seal quality guarantee! Membership means deep discounts, an outstanding starter kit, DIYs up the wazoo (my favorite part), and the ability to earn points for free products.  What’s more?  Your Premium Starter Kit comes with a free diffuser so you can throw away all those plugins and air fresheners and start breathing in healthy yumminess instead.  Have questions? Contact me directly.  I would love to help you along your path to weirdom.

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