So like a year ago I hopped in our minivan with my family, drove down to Tennessee to stay with my producer friend for a week, and recorded some original music in his home studio. I went down there with lyrics and a melody for 6 full length songs (+1 my kids sang), he and his wife fleshed out everything else. They’ve now been sitting in my computer for all this time and hardly anyone has heard them.  Let me explain. 

We started having church at the house and I wanted people to have original songs to sing – so I wrote them one by one.  My sister was living with me at the time so the two of us would harmonize and practice during the week.  We’d all sing the songs A Capella on Sunday mornings.  Somehow I feel like when I recorded them and fleshed them out, I lost my connection to the songs.  Don’t get me wrong, my producer did an awesome job at mind reading and getting what was in my head out unto a recorded version without me even being fully able to explain what I wanted it to sound like.  Yet even through all the discussions and revisions, I can’t say these are songs that I would “brand” myself with.  There is no cohesive sound to the songs; they are not even what I would consider to be my style of music.

Yet they should be heard…right?

I went down there to pretty much haphazardly record some songs, and ended up realizing that the process was something I enjoyed, singing/songwriting is something I can do with my whole heart, and if there is ever a next time, I will put a lot more effort into the process.

So in the meantime, what do I do with these songs?  How do I copyright them?  Is there another option other than releasing an album?  And how do I release them with a disclaimer of hey these songs were recorded in a week and I didn’t really put that much effort into it – although my producer did – but I just wanted you to hear them?

LOL Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Once I get answers I will do a follow-up post for anyone else who may find themselves in this situation.

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