An update is well overdue! We have been in Puerto Rico for a week and a half and it has been quite eventful, to say the least. A few days after we got here, we learned of Hurricane Irma – “the strongest hurricane to ever form in the Atlantic.” It was a category 5 hurricane set to completely decimate Puerto Rico. They showed the eye of the storm passing right through the island, destroying everything in its path. That didn’t happen – thank God! I had such peace about it. I knew the Lord didn’t bring us here just in time to wipe us off the face of the planet.

Irma means “War Goddess”, so I took it as a personal challenge. My last name means “The War”, and this was a battle that I was not willing to lose. For the first time, I wasn’t just praying for the safety of my family and loved ones, I was declaring safety over the entire island. I declared Puerto Rico to be a no trespassing zone. Some people don’t believe that you can speak to the winds and the rains, but I do. I believe we have been given authority by God to direct the storms. I am grateful that our words of declaration were heard in Heaven because that storm veered completely off course. We still got some strong winds and rain, many lost power and water, and three people lost their lives (three too many).  It was predicted to annihilate the island completely. I stand very grateful.

Taping up the windows for the storm.

Awesome way to spend a hurricane!

We were ordered to evacuate from our home because we live right on the beach on the northwest side of the island where the storm was calculated to be the strongest. Pierre was in the middle of finding us a hotel when the owner of the condo we’re renting offered to let us stay at her place in the mountains on the south side. We packed an overnight bag, taped up our windows, and drove the 2+ hours to her home. Her water had already been turned off, so that made it an interesting two days. She and I stayed up talking that first night until 1:30 in the morning. Turns out she is a brilliant business woman. I intend to learn a lot from her

The next day I sat on her porch and literally watched the storm all day into the evening until we lost power. It was just wind and rain, nothing crazy. We ended up staying two days because driving back at night without being able to see what trees or power lines might’ve been knocked down was not a good idea. The kids enjoyed playing with all her pets and picking fresh fruit from her various trees. Pierre told her we’d be back once a quarter to see what was in season lol.

Minimal damage to our home!

Heading home you’d never know there was a hurricane, except for the fact that many traffic lights weren’t working. The streets were free and clear of any debris, people were out and about, all was well. When we got back to our condo, we heard that the waters had risen two feet, reaching all the way back to the clubhouse in the rear. The parking lot was full of dirt and rocks. The security gates were broken. We had no power – except that we have a generator here so we were still able to manage. All of that was fixed in just a few days. By Monday the kids are swimming in a freshly cleaned pool.

In the video, I explain some of the things I left up in the air from the last time I communicated. From now on I’ll be doing more vlog type videos, taking you along with me throughout the day. I’ve never done videos like that before. I’m always sitting in one spot, talking lol. We’ll see how that goes. Thanks for following along on this journey with me! We’ve only just begun.