I had an epiphany the other day while I was reading my bible.  What I was reading had nothing to do with what I got from it, which happens often because the Word is alive and speaks any way it wants to.  The epiphany was that I’m enough – we are enough. 

I don’t know if it’s like this all over the world, or even all over the country, but here in the northeast, we grind.  There is always an underlying feeling of having to be more, have more, do more.  No matter how much we accomplish, attain, or acquire – we need more.  It’s this gnawing dissatisfaction with life that causes us to completely miss it…life, that is.

We have the self-help books, the conferences, the trainings.  There are the inspirational memes, the motivational quotes, and the self-proclaimed gurus.  They all tell us the same thing.  We are not enough.  Don’t get me wrong, I am usually the first one on the self-improvement bandwagon. I believe in lifelong learning and growth in every area.  Yet I realized the other day that who I am right now, this very moment, is enough.

My identity, my self-worth, my value, is not in what I can do, or how great I can be.  I put so much pressure on myself to complete “my calling”, to make sure I’m walking in His will, to be the right example for those around me.  Yet God never gave me the visions of what I’m called to do so that I could stress about it.  He showed me so I would know the fun things He has planned for us to carry out – together.

So I decided instead of always reaching for the future, I’d settle in right here.  Not a complacent, compromising settle – but a thankful, slow deep breathes, smell the flowers type of settle.  I decided to live today, be present, and let tomorrow take care of itself.  I may not have a clue how to get to where I think I should be, but I can “live, love, and laugh” in this very moment.  That’s what I’ll be doing no matter what I accomplish, and that is enough.

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