Are your walls bare? Do you have a ton of old photos laying around in boxes at the back of your closet? Or maybe you’d like to print some of the photos sitting in your computer!  Here is a great way to get started decorating with pictures using a simple DIY framed collage.

DIY Framed Collage


1. A large picture frame

2. Twine, hemp thread, cord, or any thick string

3. Mini clothespins

4. Your photos


That’s me in the green bathing suit!


1. Remove the glass and backing from the large frame.  You can leave it as is, or decorate it with washi tape, glue/glitter, spray paint, etc.

2.  Tie the twine or thread of choice to each end, making sure it is secure and leaving a little room – don’t make it too tight across the center.  Repeat this step as many times as you’d like across your frame.  This will become the rows of photos.

3. Use your mini clothespins to pin your photos to the twine.  Again, use the clothespins as is, or decorate using the items mentioned in step 1.  (Mine were plain, but I have a rad girlfriend who knows I’m artsy fartsy and actually gave me decorated mini clothes pins as a gift recently).

That’s it!  Find a great place and hang it up for all to see.


My collage hangs in my office/spare bedroom.

Be sure to share your pictures with me!

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