Did you girls have diaries when you were in middle school?  Did you pour out your heart and soul to these little books, starting your VERY PRIVATE entries with Dear Diary, as if the pages were your BFF?  Do you remember being mortified at the thought of anyone ever taking a look inside? Well I still have mine, and all these years later I think it’s finally safe to crack them puppies open and share a bit of my emo diary with the world.  

I remember writing these diaries as a kid thinking I am going to show my daughter one day that I know what it’s like to be her age.  So many children think their parents are so disconnected from their reality, so I will have these as proof that I understand her.  Pfff!  Those guys are going back into hiding!  I am grateful that I still have them because the reason we parents are so disconnected from adolescent girls is that

adolescent girls are crazy.

Everything is a huge deal.  We lived for drama.  Life was a soap opera. I truly think it was all the soap operas I watched with my mom growing up, English and Spanish!  Our lives were about boys, boys, and more boys.  As an adult, it’s good to remember how serious life is to a 12yo so we’re not tempted to devalue their overreactions and overreact to their life discoveries.  I still have several years to go before my girls hit that age, but it’s good to have these little gems.  I shared a day in the life of Yadira Torres at 12 years old in the video.  I truly couldn’t make this stuff up.

Do you still have your diaries?  What are you saving them for?  Do you read them?  Let me know!

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