I was sitting in Sunday school with my children today and it hit me: my kiddos are wonderful.  While most children get to go to church filled with people and schools surrounded by other children, my kiddos get the God-given assignment of being born to trailblazers.

Pierre and I are pastors of a church we started from scratch.  I am the director of a school I’m opening from the ground floor.  While it sounds exciting to be living your dreams and stepping out in faith to do what God has called you to do, it’s not always crowded on the path to building something new.

Yet do my children ever complain?  Do they ever wish they were in established locations, or do they ever get bored of seeing our faces everywhere they go?  Nope.  They love it.  Joshua, my 9yo, loves going with daddy to the Crowne Plaza hotel on Sundays to set up the sound equipment.  Juliette loves that at 7yo she gets to sing with me on the worship team that consists of the two of us.  Annabelle is delighted at 5yo to be rolled around on the luggage cart after church by the pastor as she does her princess wave.

Trail through a mysterious dark old forest in fog. Autumn

Some parents use their children as an excuse to never take the road less traveled.  Pierre and I find ourselves on that path more times than not, and our children have never known anything different.  It’s a way of life for them.  One day they will see the fruit of our labor, the results of our seemingly lonely adventure through the thick forest.  They will see the trail we’ve left behind and hear the testimonies of those whose lives have been touched, and they’ll know they were there from the start – that we did it as a family.

Whatever is on your heart to build, whatever is in your spirit to grow from scratch, do it with your children.  The most influential and important people to them will be you for a very long time to come.  No matter the vision, if they get to do it with you they will never miss the crowds.  If you are diligent and do not quit, the crowds will come; but your children will know they were there first and will always be at the foundation of all you’ve established together.

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