I have a wonderful idea for your next girl’s night in, women’s fellowship, ladies’ retreat…even teen night.  Throw a Vision Board Party!  It’s super simple. You provide the card stock, glue sticks, scissors and snacks.  Your guests will bring all their magazines that have been sitting at home collecting dust.  Crank up the tunes and get to creating!

A vision board is a collage of your dreams, goals, plans, inspiration, etc.  You can make one for your current year or 5yr objectives, a bucket list, family plans, business ambitions, personal goals, things you’d like to own, pretty much anything.  Place your vision board somewhere you will see it every day. The benefit of having these items in front of you is that it keeps them at the forefront of your mind.  Take a picture and you can make it your desktop computer or smartphone’s wallpaper as well!

You can clip imagery from magazines – or if you need something specific, look it up online and print it out for your vision board.  It doesn’t have to be just pictures, either.  Use text and quotes that evoke passion and purpose in you.  You can also use all sorts of markers, stick on gems, glitter…have fun!  When you and your friends are done creating, show off your purposeful artwork to the rest of the group who will hold you accountable to the awesome action items on your board.

WARNING: Give yourselves a lot of time.  Once your creative juices start flowing and your imaginations start running, there is no limit to the amount of inspiration you will want to add to your vision board!  Party with a purpose, baby!

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