Several years ago while randomly searching YouTube for funny videos, I came across Elizardi Castro. I must’ve seen everything there was online that night as I clicked on video after video, laughing until my stomach hurt.  Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, I could relate to his stories so well.  My father had recently passed away and, in some strange way, this hilarious comedian was filling a void that he had left by simply making me laugh.

At the time you could purchase the DVD of his Spanglish show “Made In Puerto Rico” on his website (coming back in stock soon).  I ordered it and laughed with my husband and friends.  When he made his way back to NY to do this show live, I was there in the front row.  I posted on my Facebook wall that I would be attending, and he commented. Who does that?  Little did I know that he is so gracious with all his fans, making us feel like we are truly family.  The show was awesome –  even my non-Spanish speaking friends who came with me laughed the whole time. When he came back to do Capicu, a show all in Spanish, I was there with friends again.

Recently I got tickets for his newest show, Solo!  I contacted him on Facebook and asked if he’d be willing to do an interview for my YouTube channel and Spanish TV show.  He agreed to meet me the day of his evening performance.  When he got to our meeting spot, it was loud and dark, so he invited me and my family to his mother’s home in White Plains so we could do the interview there instead.  Who does that?  We shot the interview in English for YouTube, in Spanish for TV, then when I realized that my camera had cut off mid-Spanish interview, he re-recorded everything again.  Then he went outside to play Wiffle Ball with Pierre and the kids.  I was exhausted, and HE still had a performance that night…which was amazing.

If I was a fan before, I am a megafan for life now.  More than that, I have utmost respect and appreciation.  Not only is Elizardi hilarious, family-oriented, clean (no vulgarity), and talented – but he is passionate, smart, full of wisdom, and genuine.  Watch the interview, then visit his website and check out one of his live shows near you as soon as you can.  When your stomach starts hurting from laughing and you’ve cried all your makeup off, say a prayer for his continued success and expanded influence.  We need more entertainers like him!

Connect with Elizardi Castro: Website || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || YouTube

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