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Are You Prejudiced Against Rich People?












Have you ever seen someone out in public who you just assumed was wealthy and as a result you felt some sort of way about them? Maybe it was their name brand clothing and accessories, or perhaps it was the car they were driving.  It could be that they looked a little more refreshed than others tend to, or they just had a certain air about them. Regardless of the signs, the thought that they may be wealthy evoked some kind of visceral emotion. Inferiority? Jealousy? Anger?  Who do they think they are?

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Marriage is Designed to KILL You


It always makes me laugh when I see memes like this. It makes me wonder if the person is even married. A single friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I couldn’t hold my tongue. “Ha! Who wrote that crock?!” Diplomacy is not my strong suit.

Many people, especially Christians, believe that as long as they marry someone they love deeply – someone God chose for them – their marriage will be as smooth as a waxed corvette.  If that’s your story, congratulations – you are perfect! For the rest of us, two becoming one is a clash. Continue reading →


Having a Niche is Overrated.



Now before you throw your marketing books at me, let me explain.  I am aware that the best of the best advise you to have a niche, something that is specific to you – a single focus.  Experts say that the more narrow your specific target market, the stronger you will build your business.  You need to be seen as an expert in a field, to have a very defined specialty.  All of that is true.

So where does that leave people like you and me? Continue reading →

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