On May the Fourth be with You of this year, I arrived home from a wonderful vacation to Puerto Rico with my whole family. It was the first time our children joined Pierre and me in this yearly excursion. Normally I would’ve arrived home feeling all, “Home Sweet Home!” Not this time.

I got off the airplane in NYC and the cold blast of air hit me. It’ll be months before I see a beach around here again.¬†It didn’t take long to be reminded that we were right back in the thick of the hustle, bustle, and grind. We stepped into the terminal and saw rows and rows of people on their phones and IPads as far as the eye could see. All the airport billboards and advertisements said Work Hard, Conference Rooms Available, Find Your Happy Place (referring to faster internet speeds). Crowds of people rushing by. $140 Uber, people yelling obscenities from cars, traffic for miles, ordering dinner on my GrubHub app during my ride home.

I’m a born and raised Long Islander. I lived in NYC for a time. These things weren’t upsetting in and of themselves. The issue was the sharp¬†contrast it presented with a decision I thought we had made. Continue reading →