I was a goodie two shoes growing up in the 80s. We watched a lot of sitcoms on television that dealt with children coming of age. Inevitably someone would lie to their parents, sneak out of the house, throw a wild party, or engage in some other act of defiance that would lead to these words:

You’re Grounded!

I always thought that was funny. Carribean parents never uttered those words. Forms of punishment in our culture are different. I enjoyed the interactions that took place between parents and children on those shows. Quite entertaining!

For this reason, my experience with the word “grounding” always meant trouble. Even when I started grounding myself and my children, they were a bit confused at what exactly was taking place. From their limited TV exposure, they’ve already developed a definition of grounding that was similar to mine.

However, the grounding I’m talking about is a fast-growing movement based on the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. Continue reading →