Many years ago Pierre and I would travel hundreds of miles to attend spiritual conferences, completely deflated and desperate for inspiration. It would take a few hours, or even an entire day plus, but eventually we’d get into the spirit of what they were saying and start to feel hope again. By the time we’d leave the conference, we’d feel elated, ready to take on the world. The buildup would somewhat dissipate on our way home, but we’d still carry the vast bulk of it with us. Then the P.I.N.S. would come.

You know what I’m talking about. You’re feeling inflated like a balloon full of life-supporting oxygen, then someone comes and says something that knowingly or unknowingly pricks your balloon. That solid latex mass of air is now perforated, and for the next few days, weeks, and months, that balloon will collapse; only to leave you completely deflated and desperate on your way to the next conference.

Whether it’s a spiritual, business, or wellness conference of any sort, the reason you cannot seem to walk forward with success once you get home is your association with the P.I.N.S.

Burst your bubble

Procrastinators: These are the scariest of all, in my opinion. They are the folks who talk the talk but have yet to walk the walk.  They will sit and have verbose pow-wow sessions with you for hours. You will discuss all of your dreams, visions, and future accomplishments together to hype each other up. You might even make actual plans; but those plans will never come to pass. Why? Because these people derive their pleasure from Symbolic Self-Completion. Hang around them long enough and action will be a distant memory.

Incredulous Influencers: These are the ones you’ve given authority to speak into your life, but they do not believe what you believe. Whether it be your Pastor, your parents, your friends, or a mentor, you trust their opinion and listen to them with an open heart. Yet they inevitably end up speaking against what you’ve concluded is true. They come with a perfect blend of facts and opinions to throw just the right amount of doubt into your belief system. Suddenly you find yourself thinking hmmm…if this person is speaking the opposite of what I’ve surmised to be truth from someone else, I must be the one that is wrong.

Negative Nellys: These are the ones that want to bring you back down to their reality. Maybe they believed what you believe at one point, but never saw it through to the end and gave up. Maybe they never even allowed themselves to believe at all. Regardless, they are the ones that tell you to slow your roll. They are the ones that want to complain about life but never be presented with a valid solution. They are the ones who post “FML” on social media, and love to complain about how unfair the world is. Get around them long enough and you start to think hmmm…who am I to think that it could be any different for me?

Segregators: These are the ones immediately threatened by what you’ve come to believe and start to divide and conquer. They speak poorly about you, seek to destroy your reputation, start to casually talk behind your back and build entire networks of people whose sole purpose is to make themselves feel better by squashing you. They are the haters, the jealous, and the fearful. If you spend time with them they will smile to your face and passive aggressively insult you as they giggle. You’ll think they’re cool for dissing you jokingly, and you’ll want to be cool, too – but the joke’s on you. Your desire to be cool will separate you from your belief system and lump you into theirs.

Do any of these situations strike a nerve with you? If so, it is quite possible that you’ve been pricked. Identify the P.I.N.S. in your life and limit your time with them – if not eliminate it altogether. You can rise above your current circumstances, but a balloon that keeps getting punctured will never soar. Patch yourself up by trusting you were on the right path, and get back to your source to be re-inflated immediately.

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