Last week’s homeschool adventures brought us on a field trip to Nyack, NY where we met Dr. Rafael Caniza of Piermont Dental and got some behind the scenes action on how to take care of our pearly whites.

It’s always wonderful when any entrepreneur takes time out of their busy schedule to teach a class of hungry little minds about what they do, especially when they are a group of super curious homeschoolers.  That’s why when my girl, Mary, said that her dentist agreed to give our little kiddos a presentation out in Nyack, I couldn’t resist.  When I asked if I could film him for my YouTube channel, he wholeheartedly accepted.  What a cool cat!

He started by giving us a tour of his office, complete with views and explanations of various x-rays.  We were shown the different rooms he uses to care for his patients, and got a glimpse of where the instruments get sterilized.  He told us about the work he has done with Medical Wings International in Central and South America, helping over 1,000 children with their dental needs.

He then taught the kiddos the ins and outs of a tooth’s makeup (crown, roots, pulp, gums, etc), and showed them how to brush properly using a giant stuffed dino that spit water.  Dr. Caniza then read them two books and gave each of our kiddos a baggie full of dental goodies. He finished off our day by answering some questions for moi.

Me: So what made you decide to wanna be a dentist? (gotta love my nervous interview grammar)

Dr. Caniza: What made me decide to be a dentist is I really wanted to help out the general population and provide a service to the community here in Nyack.

Me: Awesome…and you’ve always, since you were a little boy, wanted to be a dentist?

Dr. Caniza: When I was in college I started working for a dentist and I became very interested. He was very active in the community.  He helped out a lot of people who really needed it.

For more of our interview and a behind the scenes look at our field trip, watch the video above. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  My kiddos left saying they want to see Dr. Caniza again, as their dentist!  I might just make the trip.

If you’re in the Nyack, NY area and are in need of a great dentist, give Piermont Dental a visit.  Let them know I sent you and you might just get a dental goodie bag 😉

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