It’s winter in the northeast, which means one thing – S N O W.

When I was growing up it was just a natural part of life. You put on your galoshes and trudged through the snow with your mom, lunch box in hand and backpack slung over your big poofy coat. There were no snow days. You didn’t get to show up two hours late. You just went to school and sat in class looking longingly out the window at the big fluffy flakes as they fell in slow motion and gathered on the branches like a white blanket.

These days the media sensationalizes every flurry into snowmaggedon.  Highways shut down, public transportation goes wild, and forget about ever attempting to enter a supermarket.  Twitter and Facebook are set ablaze with funny memes about people rushing out to get milk and eggs.

It’s just snow, people.  Yet there’s something exciting about the drama of it all.  It’s almost like the buzz you feel around the holidays.  We’re all in this together!  We will survive!  I have to admit that I love every second of looking out my window from my nice warm home and seeing the beauty overtake the most ordinary objects.  Fire hydrants, garbage cans,  dried out winter grass, all look spectacular with a layer of snow.

My kiddos bundle up and take it to the streets.  They love rolling around making snow angels, building forts, stomping through the thick ice to see their footsteps.  They could stay out there for hours – which for a being a combination of Puerto Rican and Haitian really surprises me.  They might just be the ones that will get me to ski one day for the first time.  Imagine that…

Ultimately the best thing about snow is that it doesn’t last forever; at least not around here.  Winter may endure for a night but Spring comes in the morning.  Until then, bundle up, and enjoy the splendor of the season.  This too shall pass.  I hope you get the double entendre in that, because that’s as deep as I’m willing to get today 😉

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