We’ve all heard how to accomplish goals.  Write them down. Break them into bite sized pieces. Then tell the whole world of your intentions!  Right?  NO!  Aren’t you supposed to speak those things into existence?  There’s a fine line…and here’s what it is.

I’ve known this principle instinctively since college.  I would get hyped about accomplishing a goal, tell all my friends and announce it to my family, then sure enough my energy would fizzle. Recently I found this article that verified my feelings.  Turns out there was a study done in 1933 (whoa) exemplifying exactly what I knew all along to be true from experience.

Now in the days of social media, you really can do damage if you violate this principle.  It’s called Symbolic Self-Completion, ya’ll!  Fancy.  Watch the video, then let me know how you (or someone you know) has become a victim of this very thing. I believe you can, and will, accomplish your goals and so much more if you simply learn to


I challenge you!


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