Last night we saw a huge moving truck driving into our parking lot. I went outside and saw that it belonged to a gentleman we had met when we were out here on vacation in May. They’re moving to Dallas by the end of the week. He said they’ve been here 9 months and just cannot handle it anymore. He has a job, but if he loses it he knows there is nothing else here for him. He has an almost one-year-old daughter, and the school system here is currently less than ideal. If they run out of her formula at the grocery store they need to wait at least a week before it’s back in stock. The water and electricity go out regularly. I stood there and listened to his explanation, as he looked quite blissful to get the heck out of here.

I realized that it does take a certain type of person to thrive here. Not everyone is going to find this to be the paradise that we have found. On the contrary to this man’s experience, we are having a marvelous time. Puerto Rico has brought out the best in all of us. Ask me again in six months, and I will be completely honest with you. If it’s horrible, I will tell you. But I feel like we have already had a taste of the very worst this island has to offer – and we are smiling even wider.

I’ll tell you all about it. Join me in the video as I take a drive to Walmart to purchase clothing for my son because our washer/dryer currently does not work and we lost electricity. Again 🙂