The week of October 9th my phone was finally saturated with videos and I couldn’t really record much. It was a very encouraging week, however, because we finally found a way to do our laundry that didn’t involve me washing them in the bathtub.

We also made friends with a family at church that has a custom home in Isabela and builds custom homes for others. Our family wants to purchase land in Puerto Rico and build a custom home that we’ve already designed in our minds – so going to visit this family in their home felt like a step in that direction.

A friend of mine from HS also contacted me and asked if we could find her uncle who they hadn’t heard from. Addresses in Puerto Rico are pretty much non-existent and pointless. Everyone describes directions to a location rather than give a concrete address. We set out as a family to find his home and after circling the neighborhood many times, we located it! …but he wasn’t home. We spoke to his wife and daughter, then the next day they came to our home and were able to contact their loved ones for the first time.

The very next day, we had a gang of intruders at the condos…