The week of October 2nd in Isabela, Puerto Rico, was completely about trying to get communication. I had already gone two weeks without being able to contact anyone. I hadn’t been online or spoken on the phone with the outside world a single time. Meanwhile, my husband had gone out of his way to make sure that he had communicated. He would stand in line for hours to wait for a minimum amount of gas so that he could drive to wherever he could get a signal.

Honestly in my heart, I didn’t feel there was anyone out there who really needed to hear from me. The first people everyone would call was their parents. I don’t have parents, and Pierre had already gotten word out that we were fine, so I didn’t think there was anyone worried about me personally or desiring to hear from me. When I finally got a bit of connection and was able to talk to my best friends, I realized just how many people were truly concerned and wanting to hear from me. It completely warmed my heart. I recorded this video right afterwards.

At the same time, the inability to communicate fully left a lot of assumptions and caused strife among my family members. I drew a line in the sand and made Pierre drive me over an hour twice in the week so that I could finally put my voice out there and clear up any misconceptions.