The week of September 25th was all about rediscovery and refocusing. With the storm long gone, it was time to start getting back to some sort of routine and figuring out what our new life here was going to look like. Our luxurious life in a gated community on the beach was no longer available. The very gates themselves were gone.

We started the week with no car, no food, no cash, no electricity (they said our generator would take months to fix), no way to contact anyone on or off the island, no pool, the beaches were contaminated, and even the simplest task of cooking for my family or washing clothes was not available.

With the entire country in a state of turmoil, should we even stay? Had we made a grievous mistake? Taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque? It’s so hard to condense a whole week of vlogs into 25 minutes. For a detailed description, including photos, check out my friend’s blog. She’s a fellow “Survivor’s Club” Member who lived upstairs at the time.