The first week we arrived in Puerto Rico was consumed in acclimating and dealing with Hurricane Irma, so the week of September 11th (oddly enough) was our first “normal” week. We got into a rhythm, found our routine, figured out how life was going to work here and felt like we were flourishing. That is when I began vlogging. I was ready to get back into the swing of things after being here a week without working or Homeschooling at all. It felt good to be productive, while still fitting in the things we had come to love about Puerto Rico the most: the outdoors!

Our routine was to go outside every morning to hike or swim at a beach, followed by a dip in the pool back at the condos. Then we’d come inside to shower, eat lunch, and get their schooling done for the day before heading back outside for another round of fresh air. We explored more of our surroundings and even learned how to chop open and enjoy fresh coconuts. The evenings were home cooked meals and early bedtimes. I’m totally a morning person here. Before going to sleep we’d all cuddle up in my bed and watch Shark Tank reruns.

On our first Friday outing as a family, we ate at One Ten Thai in Aguadilla, pretty much the most “ethnic” food you will find around here that isn’t Puerto Rican food (which obviously is not considered ethnic food here). That weekend we explored more of Aguadilla and found a massive treehouse built around a 200-year-old tree.

By the end of our week of normalcy, we found out Maria was on her way. We had dealt with Hurricane Irma. Then Hurricane Jose was looming but disappeared. Now Hurricane Maria was headed straight for us. Little did I know how much that would change absolutely everything in the days and weeks to come.