OK so who here grew up listening to the radio (like an actual electronic device called a radio)? What was the best part? The tape player, of course! We would sit by that radio for hours, blank tape in the deck, record button pressed, finger on the pause button, ready to capture our favorite anthems. When I tell you all day, I mean all day and night. It was worth it to save our jams. Finally the tune would come on and invariably the DJ would talk at the beginning or end of the song and mess it all up. Ah, good times.

Nowadays we can hear anything we want in an instant – just Google it. You youngins don’t know what it’s like to persevere to the end and endure hardship for your music!  JK.  I love that any time I want to reference a song or listen to something that has been stuck in my head I can do it automatically instead of sitting through a bunch of other songs in the hopes that mine will come on soon.

Vintage red radio receiver on wood table. Wallpaper 3d

Even better, I can now design entire stations around what I like; Thumbs Up to hear more, Thumbs Down to skip and hear less.  I’m talking, of course, about Pandora. Is there really anything better? I have to admit that I use the free service because I haven’t found the value in paying the monthly fee. I don’t mind a few commercials here and there. Maybe it’s because I’m from the radio era.

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to (uh-oh). I am going to share my Playlist with you. Some you’ll love, some you’ll laugh at, and some will make you go, “HUH??” That’s the wonderful thing about Pandora. It’s customizable to your likes. This Playlist represents over a decade of additions and has gotten me through so many crazy phases in life. Without further ado, here’s the extensive soundtrack of my soul:

1. Workout Radio

2. Fusion Jazz Radio

3. Dance Cardio Radio

4. 80s Music Radio

5. Grace Williams Radio

6. Golden Oldies Radio

7. Julie True Radio

8. Marc Anthony Radio

9. Kim Walker-Smith Radio

10. Israel Houghton Radio

11. Worship Medley Radio

12. Christian Hip Hop Radio

13. 80s Hip Hop Radio

14. Christian Dupstep Radio

15. Grupo Niche Radio

16. Billy Joel Radio

17. Missy Elliott Radio

18. Family Christmas Radio

19. Andy Mineo Radio

20. Running Radio

21. Hillsong Kids Radio

22. Soaking In Your Splendor Radio

23. Hillsong Young & Free Radio

24. Freestyle Radio

25. Salvador (CCM) Radio

26. Praise and Worship Radio

27. Bethel Music Radio

28. Shekinah Glory Ministry Radio

29. Adele Radio

30. Navidad Latina Radio

31. Veggietales (Children’s) Radio

32. W Hotels Wet Deck Mix

33. Tasha Cobbs Radio

34. Silly Songs Medley Radio

35. GNC Workout Fuel

36. Jason Upton Radio

37. Navidad Boricua Radio

38. Feliz Navidad Radio

39. Gospel Christmas Radio

40. Musica Cristiana Radio

41. 90s Christmas Radio

42. Johnny Mathis (Holiday) Radio

43. Soulful Holidays Radio

44 Today’s Christmas Radio

45. Classical/Piano

46. Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers Radio

47. Classical Complete Performances Radio

48. Christian Contemporary Holidays Radio

49. Ballet Music Radio

50. Lullabye Radio

Whew! Didn’t realize I had that many until I typed them all out. Developing a Playlist for your family is a great way to build memories and expose your children to a nice variety of music. Everyone in our family has their favorites off this list. What are your Pandora stations? What kinds of music suit your varied moods? Which of my stations would you listen to?

Happy Saturday, Lovelies. Enjoy your tunes!

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