Have you heard of Stitch Fix? Their website describes them as a personal styling service tailored to your taste, budget and lifestyle that helps you look and feel your best every day. You fill out a comprehensive style profile, then they send you 5 items every month to try on. You then have 3 days to decide if you want to keep the items. If you keep them, you pay for them. If not, you return them free of charge. I thought I’d give it a try.

I received my first box yesterday. Everything was wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a pretty sea foam green sticker.  My stylist’s name is Cari and I have to say she nailed it. She sent me a sleeveless hunter green knee length dress, hot pink skinny jeans, a navy striped crew neck top with elbow pads, a white button down long sleeve flowy blouse with black polka dots, and a silver bauble necklace.


The package comes with a full price sheet. You get a 25% discount if you keep all 5 items. It also comes with pictures of suggestions on how to style the 5 pieces. After trying everything on, I decided to keep it all! I did go back to the site and change my subscription from monthly to quarterly, though. I can see how this can quickly become addicting and costly, which I don’t mind – but not right now. I’m working on some things and would rather invest than spend. You know what I’m saying?

I really think they’re doing an amazing job; and for the woman on the go who doesn’t want to spend hours in a department store, this is perfect. If you’re interested in trying this service out, please use my referral link. The $20 styling fee gets deducted from your purchase, so it truly is free to experience. Let me know what you get and if you love it!

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