I was a goodie two shoes growing up in the 80s. We watched a lot of sitcoms on television that dealt with children coming of age. Inevitably someone would lie to their parents, sneak out of the house, throw a wild party, or engage in some other act of defiance that would lead to these words:

You’re Grounded!

I always thought that was funny. Carribean parents never uttered those words. Forms of punishment in our culture are different. I enjoyed the interactions that took place between parents and children on those shows. Quite entertaining!

For this reason, my experience with the word “grounding” always meant trouble. Even when I started grounding myself and my children, they were a bit confused at what exactly was taking place. From their limited TV exposure, they’ve already developed a definition of grounding that was similar to mine.

However, the grounding I’m talking about is a fast-growing movement based on the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. Our bodies are electromagnetic energy – and so is the Earth. We were meant to be in connection with this energy at all times. In the modern world, we are constantly isolated from the Earth by non-conductive materials such as rubber and plastic, wood, laminate, and asphalt. Yet when we make direct contact with the surface of the Earth, our bodies receive a charge of energy that makes us feel and look better, fast!

When I first moved to Puerto Rico, I noticed immediately that I slept more soundly. I had more energy during the day, and even my face had a plump healthy glow. I assumed it was all the minerals I was receiving from swimming in the ocean. After Hurricane Maria, the ocean became contaminated. Once that was cleared up, it was too cold to swim (yes, it gets “cold” in Puerto Rico – contrary to popular belief). My sleeping patterns changed, my energy was lagging, and I noticed that my face had lost that loving feeling.

Then I found out about Grounding (or Earthing, as it was originally called) from a 30-second video someone posted on social media. All the bells and whistles went off in my mind. I was experiencing so many amazing health benefits – not necessarily from swimming, but simply from walking barefoot on the beach. I immediately did the research and found out that it was backed by clinical studies. I started walking outside barefoot daily with my children, and all the awesome goodness came right back into my life.

These are a few of the bennies that I have personally noticed:

  1. Sound sleep and more regulated circadian rhythms. I fall asleep naturally around the same time every night and wake up 7hrs later feeling refreshed.
  2. I have boundless energy throughout the day.
  3. My face looks physically better. Normally my skin tone can be a little sallow, and I have dark circles under my eyes, along with bags. Grounding daily gives me a healthy glow, the dark circles and bags are practically gone, and my skin even looks firmer.
  4. I think more clearly, am motivated to be creative, and find myself being a lot more productive overall.
  5. My heartbeat and breathing during physically straining activities remain normal.
  6. I am able to lose weight easier because I have restful sleep, can exercise harder and longer, and have lost my cravings for food that doesn’t benefit me.

Amazing, right? It’s such a simple concept – get outside and hug a tree. Yes, if you are in an environment where you cannot walk around barefoot outside this time of year, touch the Earth with your hands. Any connection you make with your body to the Earth is beneficial. Walking barefoot outside is best because nutrients can be absorbed quickly through your feet.

Don’t take my word for it, do your research. Google Grounding or Earthing and see for yourself. I am hooked.