With one and half weeks left to go before we move to Puerto Rico, I have been on a researching frenzy. That’s a lie. I have been on this frenzy since we got back from our vacation in May. Living in a location is not the same as vacationing there, so I’ve wanted to be prepared. However, sometimes research is more trouble than it’s worth.

I keep reading blogs and watching vlogs of well-meaning people who want to let you know the real deal of living in Puerto Rico. They say it’s super expensive, any kind of government processes are slow, and people, in general, don’t really care too much about being on time. Doctors appointments will take all day, you will have to go to multiple locations to accomplish a task that should all be under one roof, and the side streets are all riddled with pot holes.

Food is expensive.

Gas is expensive.

Electricity and water are expensive. And unreliable.

Sales tax is 11.5% and they’re even trying to tax your online purchases.

Ah! All of this makes me want to turn back and return to the US before I’ve even left. Except that we belong there. This, my friends, is why you cannot make decisions based on a Pros and Cons list. Sometimes the Cons of doing something will seem to far outweigh the Pros, and you should do it anyway – but that is a topic for another day.

The topic of today’s blog is having a proper mindset about money. Who cares if things are expensive if money is flowing into your life in abundance? Did you know the only person who can stop you from achieving wealth is you? There are some countries where the government sets laws against owning your own business because everything belongs to them – but the US and PR are not such countries. We are free to create whatever streams of income we want. Isn’t that amazing??!

The issue, then, becomes our mindset. What ideas do we have about wealth and business ownership? What expectations do we have for our own standard of living or abilities? If we can understand that God is no respecter of persons, we can truly rise up to the fact that we are all created with amazing gifts and talents that can be utilized in the marketplace. The actual skills of any particular business can be learned, but it starts with the right mental attitude.

In that light, my mindset towards Puerto Rico is that we will continue to be abundantly supplied, growing multiple streams of income, and helping others to do the same. Not only will we be able to live comfortably in Puerto Rico, but we will have more than enough to be a blessing to the country and contribute financially to every good work we want.  I do not deny the facts, I simply choose to react to them differently.

As far as all the slow, tardy, and inefficient processes – my Nuyorican, Aries, Saphire-Ruby self can use a little practice in patience. With a week and a half left before we leave, I’m officially finished with all my research. I am going to spend the rest of my time here in New Jersey meditating on the goodness of the Lord and how all things work together for our good.


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