This week I had the opportunity to interview a friend of mine from college who has gone on to do awesome entrepreneurial exploits.  She is the CEO of Life By Wisdom apparel and accessories, as well as a talented lyrical artist, mentor, and published author. 

I was thrilled when my friend decided to come hang out with my entrepreneurial family on her day off.  I hadn’t seen her in -ahem- years. Facebook is wonderful for keeping in touch, but there is nothing like face to face.  Little did my girl know that she would be interviewed for my YouTube channel, and subsequently interviewed by my husband for his upcoming podcast.  She was such a great sport!

Ortavia and I met at SUNY Albany where we were both altos in the gospel choir.  I found out during her visit that she joined because it was her on-campus church, but she couldn’t sing a lick.  Our choir director was diligent about finding where exactly the off notes were coming from, and he’d make us sing row by row. Homegirl would truly lip sync when he got to her row.  Hilarious.

Not being able to sing didn’t deter her from becoming an awesome spoken word artist.  Her poems cut deep and leave you wanting more.  Because of her busy schedule, she had to stop attending a lot of the poetry events, which led her to put her poems in writing – Divine Destiny Through A Journey Called Life, and Life By Wisdom, Poetry for Your Mind, Body, and Soul.

From there she realized there was yet another way to spread her love and positivity.  Her one-liners became the source of her now infamous LBW clothing line, a venture that she said was not even a thought in her mind.  God will use your gifts to bring you on all different types of adventures for His glory if you let Him.

Check out the video of our hilarious interview, and for a more in depth entrepreneurial behind the scenes look, stay tuned for my husband’s upcoming daily business podcast.  Also be sure to follow Ortavia on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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