So we’re moving. We’re moving out of the country. We’re moving out of the country exactly three months from today. We’re moving out of the country three months from today and we have a huge house full of STUFF that we have to get rid of because we’re not taking any of it with us.

I’m not a hoarder, but back in the day I totally was. The deeper into the closets, drawers, and storage spaces I go, the more evidence of this I see. I have craft supplies that date back to my days working at a summer sleep-away camp for children with disabilities. That was literally two decades ago.

I not only have photographs from my childhood, I have photographs from the childhood of basically everyone in my family, including those that are no longer living on Earth.

I have books. So. Many. Books. There are hundreds and hundreds of books around every corner of this house that I will never read again, but would’ve loved to keep for that immense library I always pictured having.

Which says nothing about the notebooks, diaries, journals, conference manuals, and workbooks thoughtfully penned in my handwriting; representing decades of thoughts, emotions, notes, and ideas.

What am I to do with all these memories? Toss them away?

I’ve been scanning and taking photos of things, then throwing them out. That’s fine for a few items, but am I to scan every piece of nostalgia in my home? Three months is not enough time.

Then there are all the things we want to sell because they still have great value. I am honestly overwhelmed by the thought of photographing, categorizing, describing, pricing, and posting all the STUFF. We thought about doing a Yard Sale, but in the meantime, all the STUFF just sits around, in the way, with nowhere to go.

This is a major lesson for me. Stuff holds you into your current state of being. If you ever want to go beyond where you are right now, whether it’s geographically, professionally, financially, or mentally, start letting go of your STUFF. What truly matters are the people in your life, the relationships you’ve built and cultivated over time, the lives you’ve imparted into, and the memories you’ve shared together. Those are the real treasures.

…and maybe a slight few mementosĀ of those times.

Everything else is junk.

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