Now before you throw your marketing books at me, let me explain.  I am aware that the best of the best advise you to have a niche, something that is specific to you – a single focus.  Experts say that the more narrow your specific target market, the stronger you will build your business.  You need to be seen as an expert in a field, to have a very defined specialty.  All of that is true.

So where does that leave people like you and me?

For years I struggled with this concept because the gifts and talents I have never seemed to fit together in a neat little package.  I dreaded that inevitable first question upon meeting new people, “So what do you do?” In my early 20s I worked as a medical receptionist, tutoring math and drawing charcoal portraits on the side, but none of that was my dream job.  I absolutely love the arts, so a few years later I started a photography and graphic design business.  That seemed to be the perfect solution.  Now I had something I deemed worthy enough to tell people, “I am a photographer and graphic designer” – yet that still didn’t feel quite right.  It wasn’t complete.

I started a women’s foundation to help the ladies discover their purpose driven life.  I was working with a team of amazing gals and together we helped countless women launch their businesses, improve their marriages, develop their mindsets.  I now could tell people, “I run an organization to empower, mentor, and equip women into their divine destinies.”  Ooh, that was a good one.  Still, there was more.

I had everything I thought I needed to feel important – a plethora of buzzing social media, a worthy cause, a flourishing business, a team of people I was leading…but I was not satisfied.  I got so inundated with this elusive search that things on the home front were completely neglected. My husband and I were two ships passing in the night, more like colliding.  The only times my children got attention was when I would force a smile out of them so I could post it on social media.  I know none of you have ever done that.  I still remember my son at 4yo, sitting at the piano in my office, composing his first song, “Please get off the computer now…” Yeah. It was a hit.  Meanwhile my interests kept expanding.

I got deeply into digital scrapbooking for a season.

I started a vegan recipe blog.

I began writing, composing, and performing my own songs.

Wait, so now I should learn how to play the guitar…

OH wait, I need to build a school!

You get the point.

I was climbing this dirt tower, higher and higher, further and further away from who God designed me to be – completely establishing my identity on sinking sand.  It was only a matter of time before it came crashing down.  In 2012 I felt a tugging in my heart to lay it all down – every last bit of it – to focus on my family.  Suddenly the cameras were off, the statuses & tweets went silent, you couldn’t find me online, you couldn’t hire me for your projects, and the women were left in someone else’s hands.  I turned my focus from “out there” to “in here”, and began rebuilding my family.  There was no one watching, no one to give me accolades, and nothing to make me feel important.  After the initial shock and pain of self-evaluation, do you know what I found?  Satisfaction.

You see it was never about what the world perceived me as.  God didn’t give me a purposed life so I could feel self-important and wrap myself in titles.  Certainly the gifts he gave me were meant to be shared, but not so that I could hide in the shroud of compliments, Likes, and Follows.  There was a much deeper mission for the myriad of abilities in my hands; just like there is for yours.  That mission, my friends, is the Kingdom of God.

The reason I finally found satisfaction after years of searching was because I was being a wife and mother as unto the Lord.  He was the only one watching, and when you have an audience of One, you find out quick that He is better than the fickle mob of millions.  Not only that, but in the Kingdom of God there is room for you to be who you are in all your glorious expressions. He loves it.  You can be a wife, mother, blogger, vlogger, homeschooler, vegan chef, photographer, graphic designer, singer/songwriter, network marketer, pastor…all with grace and peace.  It’s all worship.  It’s all unto the Lord.

So what am I saying?

For those of you out there like me who have struggled for years with finding your passion, your strongest gifts, the niche that will finally launch you into super stardom, I say this: Stop.  Your niche is not in what you do, your niche is in who you are.  There is no one else currently on the entire planet earth, or in all the centuries before you, that has ever existed in space or time quite. like. you. God created you unique.  UNIQUE.  Do you understand that?  How much more of a niche can you have?  You’re the only ONE.  Every gift, talent, interest, and ability He has given you is valid.  It’s special.  It’s a present from the Creator Himself to be unwrapped, enjoyed, and shared.  So share it all!  Share yourself with Him, your true niche market, and allow Him to present you to the world as a blessing in the palm of His hand.  That, my friends, is satisfaction.

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