So last weekend my family in Long Island (NY) threw me a Going Away Luau – which was totally sweet. I got to spend quality time with my step mom, siblings, nieces, and nephews for one last time before I leave – and they all promised to come visit me in Puerto Rico. I saw cousins I hadn’t seen in a while, and even my bestie traveled two hours from Norwalk, CT to celebrate with us. Pierre spent almost the entire time playing basketball with the guys, while the kiddos enjoyed a bouncy castle and running around with their cousins.

The food was awesome, with both veggie and non-veggie options. I baked two of the cakes that I’m known for (a vegan carrot cake and a vegan cinnamon cake), and they did not disappoint. My stepmom thought of everything, even celebrating August birthdays for my husband, brother, and nephew. One of my brothers worked the little mini bar and made awesome virgin Piña Coladas. Juliette and I just came off of a sugar fast, so we were enjoying the goodies in moderation. Pierre, Joshua, and Annabelle decided to start their sugar fast August 1st. Oh well. lol

After the party, my bestie from CT and I wanted to spend some more time together. We ended up dancing the night away at Arooga’s (I wonder if they know their name means “wrinkles” in Spanish). They played an awesome mix of songs from back in the day and it felt like Patchogue was bidding me a fond farewell.

When the night was winding down, my family decided to give me advice for my move to Puerto Rico – which consisted mostly of DON’T TRUST ANYONE. That is what I wanted to discuss in my video. I agree that in life you have to take precautions (which I totally hear in my father’s voice, imitated so well by my little brother). I also agree that we must be aware of our surroundings; but mostly I just follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and do what gives me peace, avoiding what doesn’t. That’s what works for me.

As of this video, FOUR MORE WEEKS! …as of this post? THREE!!

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