Ever since the inception of Instastories, we’ve gotten the chance to see a lot of the people we follow more in depth. It’s one thing to see someone’s stream and peruse along when they post filtered up pictures. It’s another to see them almost in real time, in 10 second snippets, as they go about their daily routines. This has caused me to develop relationships – Friends in My Head, as coined by Wendy Williams – with people I don’t know in actual life. In no specific order, here are the Top 8 Friends in My Head from Instastories.

friend in my head1. America Ferrera: I have adored this chick all the way back to 2002 when she starred in the movie “Real Women Have Curves”. She was the beautiful Ugly Betty from 2006-2010. Even though that TV show was pretty annoying in so many ways, America kept me watching. These days she does her daily Instastories about starring in her latest TV show, Superstore (which I haven’t seen). The most entertaining part of her story was watching her train for a triathlon that she completed last week.  In so many ways, she is my sistah from another mistah. I imagine us going Salsa dancing together, working out together, laughing a lot, and posting selfies.

friend in my head2. Crafty Gemini: This girl is the cutie patootiest. She has built an entire thriving business off of teaching people how to sew on her YouTube channel and blog. She now has quilting retreats, Bag of the Month Club, and a slew of other entrepreneurial endeavors. She is a mom of two little tiny ones, who also know how to sew, and she is so fun to watch. Her Instastories consist of life on the farm, her intense workouts, and behind the scenes of her business ventures. I imagine us hanging out and encouraging one another in business, giving each other fresh ideas and chillin’ with our families. I’d have to actually know her real name first, though.

friend in my head3. Ivanka Trump: No, this is not a political endorsement. Long before The Donald decided to take on the highest office of the land, I’ve admired Ivanka Trump. She is an awesome business woman, wife, and mother, with her own clothing and jewelry line. She is articulate, poised, classy, and fun. Her Instastories consist of doing all sorts of activities with her children, and I always wonder how amazing it must be for them to be raised by an entrepreneurial, successful, gorgeous mom – then I’m like wait, my kiddos are, too!  So yeah. We’d totally be besties. I imagine she must not have a lot of girlfriends, so I’d be the one cheering her on and encouraging her.

friends in my head4. Tracee Ellis Ross: She is just so chill. So chill. She’s always laughing, telling jokes, acting silly, and giving props to the other women in her life. In a world where so many ladies want to tear each other down, it’s so refreshing to see a successful woman who is comfy in her own skin enough to be completely ridiculous and inspiring all at once. Her Instastories are the behind the scenes of her TV show Blackish, her workouts, and just her daily life. I imagine that we’d both be too busy to hang out much, but she’d fly out to get away from all the fame for a while and come chill with my family.

friend in my head5. Mario Lopez: Ah, Slater. I can’t assume that all of you understand that reference because the other day a 14yo asked me if End of the Road (Boyz II Men) is a song. So long ago in a village far far away, lived a group of students at Bayside High who were Saved by the Bell on a daily basis. Anyway, this one counts for the entire Lopez family. They are so adorable. His wife is hilarious, but she doesn’t do Instastories. His stories consist of behind the scenes of entertainment ventures and a lot of family activities. He has the worst handwriting in life, as evidenced by the illegible titles he handwrites on his videos. I imagine us at a lot of family gatherings together.

OK, right about now you’re thinking, “This is getting a little weird for me.” I feel you. It’s weird for me, too. This is what happens when you can’t think of anything to blog about and decide to let out the weirdo thoughts in your head. Shall we continue? Leggo…

friend in my head6. Anjelah Johnson: This girl is hilarious. She has a bunch of Netflix specials if you haven’t seen her. Her alter ego, Bon Qui Qui, is my absolute fave. I love her energy, spunk, and style. Her and her husband are always posting cute things about each other and supporting each other’s entertainment endeavors. Her Instastories are just random daily things she finds funny, and it always feels like I’m getting an extra comedy show that disappears in 24hrs. I imagine she’d bring out an alter ego in me, Bon Qui Qui’s bestie, and we would make videos together acting completely nuts. That cracks me up just thinking about it.

friend in my head7. Roma Downey: You may recognize her face from another back in the day show, Touched by an Angel. Her and her husband Mark Burnett are the King and Queen of Hollywood if you ask me. Just look at the next reality TV show you’re watching and chances are his name will be all over it. He’s the executive producer of pretty much everything. They are a tremendous power couple, followers of Christ, and just a light that shines. They’ve used their money and fame to advance the gospel and I absolutely love that. Her Instastories are actually kind of boring (lol), random pictures with handwriting on them, but I imagine she’d be my business mentor and we’d have weekly chats.

friend in my head8. Jasmine Star: I love love love me some Jasmine Star. She is the Queen of marketing, photography, and business. In an industry where creatives were doing things the exact same way, she was one of the first to step out and do it differently. Love all those photography blogs you read? That was pretty much her doing. No one was out there blogging their photos until Jasmine did it. Like Crafti Gemini, she carved out a niche and branded herself into one of the most successful people in the field. She is actually the only one that I’ve met in person on this list, and she completely rocks. I imagine traveling with her all over the world and just capturing some amazing shots together!

Soooo…do you have friends in your head? I know you do. What celebrities or social media personalities have you never met but know for certain you’d be besties if you did? The truth is, as awesome as these people are, all they’ve done is be diligent with the gifts God gave them by working hard to hone them. Each and every one of us was created with something just as special inside, and it’s up to us to let it out so the whole world can benefit from what God has placed within us.

Go make such an impact that you become someone’s friend in their head 😉

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