Yesterday in Sunday school the kiddos learned about how God gives them wisdom in every situation if they learn to lean on Him, ask, and trust. We did this in the context of Genesis 41:1-40 where Joseph interprets Pharoah’s dream. This, of course, caused me to take a completely different focus with it and center around how God speaks to us while we are yet sleeping. 

I did a post on practical ways to teach your children to hear the voice of God and I mentioned asking them about their dreams. God speaks to us in our dreams; encouragement, wisdom, warning, etc.  I remarked that many of man’s brilliant innovations throughout history have come from dreams; and many catastrophic events have been predicted, thwarted, or avoided as a result of dreams as well.  By training them to recall and retell their dreams, they will learn to pay attention to His voice while they are sleeping.


So after we discussed all of this in class, we made Dreamcatchers. We are not superstitious. We do not believe that it will give you good dreams or ward off bad ones (that’s what prayer is for). We made them as a symbolic reminder that God will often use the quiet nighttime hours to speak into our spirits as we rest.

img_6704How to Make a Dreamcatcher


Pipe cleaners

Yarn (about 2ft)

Hemp or other thin rope


Hot Glue

Beads (optional)

Fashion the pipe cleaner into a circle and twist around itself to secure. Tie one end of the yarn to the pipe cleaner and proceed to wrap around in a haphazard pattern that covers the whole circle. Tie the other end. Tie a piece of the hemp or thin rope to the top in a loop for hanging.  Tie three more pieces of it to the bottom, evenly spread out. At this point you can add the optional beads to the rope (I didn’t have any on hand). Attach the feathers by tying a knot at the end of the rope and securing with hot glue. That’s it!

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