Before we left New Jersey, we were contacted by Juliette’s past dance teacher. We hadn’t seen her in years, but she didn’t want us to move to Puerto Rico without saying goodbye. She rearranged her schedule and made plans to meet up with us at Manhattan Bagel.  I was so impressed that she actually went out of her way to catch up with us.

While we were there updating each other on life, and filling her in on why we were making such a drastic move, we got her talking about her goals and dreams. We found out that her BHAG is to be a backup dancer for Beyoncé. We also found out that she had gotten a degree in video production. Well, that was a no brainer!  I told her she needs to start a YouTube channel where she is showcasing her dance styles, along with some trending hashtag about her goal.

At first, she wasn’t feeling it. Becoming a YouTube celebrity is not her idea of a good time. Yet social media is not going anywhere anytime soon, and it’s a wonderful platform for all of us to express ourselves without waiting on permission from executive big wigs. So she bought into the idea and decided to make her first YouTube video right then and there – in the middle of the bagel shop!

We moved furniture out of the way, she picked a song, and we recorded it. Pierre helped to record as well because even I got pulled into the action. It was a lot of fun, dancing around in a deli in the middle of the day as customers walked in and out. Time waits for no one, and I was so excited that she took my advice and ran with it right in that very moment. I haven’t seen her channel or video upload, but I know it’s coming.

Here’s the 3 Kid U Tubers version: