I have a new debit card sitting on my desk with a large sticker across the front that says ACTIVATE TODAY.  I got it about a week ago.  Haven’t felt the need to activate it because the old card hasn’t expired yet.  So it sits there and stares at me, day after day…much like my To Do list.

For about two years now I’ve known that I needed to run an active YouTube channel.  It has just been gnawing at my heart practically every single day.  I can give you a dozen valid reasons why I hadn’t done it until today.

Isn’t that always the case?

I believe each of us has a similar gnawing, something we MUST do or we’re just going to rip our hair out strand by [curly] strand.  I’m here to encourage you…ACTIVATE TODAY.  Just make a decision that you are going to stop with your very valid excuses and walk boldly in the direction of your dreams.

I can’t say that Vlogging is my “dream”.  Not at all.  I’ve actually become quite a private person over the years.  Being an artist exposes a piece of me, blogging exposes another, vlogging just lets it all hang out and brings you right into my life.  Yet that gnawing is for a purpose, and I have to believe my obedience is connected to someone’s destiny…just like yours is connected to mine.

So do me a favor, ACTIVATE TODAY.  We need what you’ve got!

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