We’ve all gone around this goal-making mountain more times than we’d like to admit. Sometimes we’ve hit the ball out of the park and accomplished great things. Other times we were left with that sinking feeling in our stomach come December. What have I done with the last 365 days??

I don’t want us to feel that way at the end of this year.

The only way to rock it and stand tall with satisfaction is the age old secret of writing things down. A Harvard study asked graduate students if they had set clear, written goals for their future and made plans to accomplish them. Only 3% had written goals and plans, 13% had goals but they weren’t in writing and 84% had no goals at all. Ten years later, the 3% who had written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97% of the class combined. Um, yeah.

I’m a big believer that rules are made to be broken…but this, guys and dolls, is a rule that stands the test of time. Even our bibles tell us to do this. “Write the vision and make it plain so that those who read it can run with it.” – Habbakuk 2:2. You’ve seen the results of not following this rule. This year, turn a new leaf and put those crazy colored pens to work!


PS: Click here if you’re interested in the planner I mentioned in the video. I love it!

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