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Pardon my rude title, but it’s true.

Many have fallen into this 50 Shades of Grey marketing trap and have allowed themselves to become titillated by its abusive, disturbed, controlling protagonist. These books have become so popular that “the most anticipated movie of the year” opens in theaters today based on the first in the trilogy. Before you rush to buy your ticket, I’m here to tell you this is not entertainment. This is a sly attempt to entangle you in some seriously erroneous logic. 

50 Shades is a violent oppressive nightmare wrapped in a luxurious bow.  It takes immensely disturbing situations such as verbal abuse and brute force, and feeds them to you in the form of fantasy eroticism. Yet for the 1 in 4 women who will experience domestic violence in her lifetime, it is not a fantasy.  More than 4 million women experience physical assault and rape by their partners. At least 1/3 of the women and children in New York City’s shelter system are homeless due to domestic violence (via Safe Horizon). That’s not the making of a best seller, so they made Christian Grey a handsome young billionaire who showers the female protagonist in gifts. Kaching!

Oh Yadi, this is not about domestic violence.  It’s just a little consensual S&M.  What you grown women like to do in your bedroom is your business, but 50 Shades is not about two people in a loving relationship having some fun. Those of you who’ve read the book know this. I’m not against good story telling.  What I am vehemently against is using that skill to downplay healthy relationships and sell the idea that abuse is sexy. The glorification of sex objectifies people as if the spirit and soul are null and void. Real life doesn’t work that way. In real life, people who seek relationships solely to satisfy lust get messed up spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Also, the language in the photo is a direct quote from the book.  It’s certainly not romance, despite what you’ve heard. I assume most of you would never let anyone speak to you that way, so why would you allow it to enter your spirit in the form of “entertainment”?  Those of you who have been in abusive relationships, physical or verbal, know that it never starts out that way – but once it got to that point you wondered how you ever let yourself stoop so low.  It wasn’t hot, it was destructive.

So listen to Teetee Yadi…

You are beautiful, powerful, stunning women that deserve respect, honor, and praise.  You are more than just your body.  Your satisfaction requires more than just physical pleasure. Moreover, any man that attempts to physically or verbally abuse and manipulate you needs help.  It’s not romantic, it’s not sexy. You are not to fear or be controlled by any man.  You are worthy of LOVE – spirit, soul, and body. If something is “best selling” it means it was marketed well, on purpose, to serve a purpose.  Don’t allow yourself to be deceived. I truly challenge you to boycott this rubbish.  Let it tank in theaters.  You see right through their marketing ploys and will not feed on destruction no matter how impressive the package.

Send the message to Hollywood that you are smarter than this, bigger than this, that you require more of yourself and others.  Let’s let out young girls know that this is not the type of relationship they should aspire to.  This is not just a movie, it’s a way of thinking – and it’s harmful beyond measure.

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