This post may seem in direct contrast to the one where I told you to Shut Yo Mouth, but it isn’t. There is a difference between blabbing your plans to everyone, and privately affirming the desires of your heart to yourself. When you run your mouth and tell people what you’re going to do, you tend to get satisfaction from their response, and lose the determination to actually work the plan. When you speak daily confessions confidentially to yourself, there is a whole slew of benefits that would not be present if you simply think the thoughts in your head. There’s so much that needs to be said about affirmations, but here are 3 reasons to talk to yourself daily.


1. When you talk to yourself, it trumps and alters your thoughts. We all have self-talk going on in our heads all the time. The voice in our head sounds like the voices we heard in the past (parents, teachers, coaches, etc), the voices we expose ourselves to most often in the present (media, spouse, religious leaders, mentors), and the supernatural realm we are attuned to (light or darkness). I am a positive person that actively pursues beneficial voices to listen to, but even I can get discouraged or down if I hear a voice in my head that tries to put a negative spin on a situation. When that happens, I open my mouth and speak Truthful affirmations out loud. You cannot think thoughts and speak at the same time. Once you open your mouth and verbalize, your thoughts stop immediately. At that point, all you’re doing is hearing the words that are coming out of your mouth; consequently changing your thoughts.

2. Speaking out loud creates your life. Your life clearly reflects what you think and consistently speak. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. The power of life and death are in the tongue. Some Christians have a problem with this. The belief is that everything is in God’s hands – so if we’re broke, it’s God’s will. If we’re sick, it’s His doing. If we’re miserable, dejected, hopeless, and lacking everything we desire, it’s because God is holding back from blessing us. NO. When Christ bore those stripes (nice way to say horrendous beating), wore the crown of thorns, and hung on that cross, He took away my sin, my sicknesses, my depression, my lack, my death, Hell, all of it. He said It Is Finished. Calvary paid for the Law of Sin and Death once and for all so I could reside in the Law of Life. That Law of Life is in my spirit, and it’s my responsibility to let it out with my voice in the form of affirmations. The more I speak Life, the more Life I produce from the river that is in me. What happens to a river with no outlet? It gets dirty, murky, and stagnant. Let that river of Life flow by speaking Truth out loud. It’ll produce what you say. Look around, it already has been producing what you’ve been saying…

3. Talking to yourself causes reaction. Picture a great crowd of people standing around you. They see you, but they’re not talking to you or moving in your direction – they’re just standing there looking at you. These are the people that God has connected you with in the spirit, both to be a blessing to you and to be blessed by you. When you open your mouth and start declaring His Truth over your life as affirmations, suddenly those people spring into action. They start contacting you, calling you, offering you opportunities, asking for your help, desiring to build with you. No man is an island. If you are not actively opening your mouth to speak what He has put in your heart, you are not casting the vision in the spirit. No vision, no people. Also, picture giant gears at a standstill. Your words cause those gears to get into motion. If you’re stuck in a situation for years and nothing in your circumstances has changed, your gears aren’t moving. Start talking.

So what should you say? Speak the promises of God over yourself. Speak the desires of your heart. Speak who He says you are. Speak the things that have been prophesied over you. Tell yourself how amazing you are. If there’s a negative situation in your life, tell it what it should be. Give praise and be verbally grateful for the blessings in your life. Open your mouth and declare the very best affirmations for yourself and those you love.

Write a whole list and say it every time you hear an adverse voice in your head. Don’t do it sometimes, do it all the time. Don’t do it for a day or two, do it forever. Affirmations will change your demeanor, your actions, and your whole life.

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