My heart is full and yearning. In 5.5 weeks we will board a plane to change our permanent residence. If this is news to you, read all about it here. I don’t know where this journey is going to take us, but I know it will be so different from anything we’ve experienced thus far as a family. I want to start documenting the move and keep chronicling our journey once we get there. I have a YouTube channel that I hadn’t posted to in two years. It never really took off, and we went through a lot of turmoil in the past few years that I never spoke about and didn’t want to document. I think now is a good time to pick it back up – just as a place to keep all of my vlogs and adventures. I don’t want to forget what this time feels like.

I’ve been doing a lot of research. The funny thing is that no matter how many negative things I read about living in Puerto Rico, nothing even slightly dissuades me. What’s funnier is that as determined and focused as I am to move there, my husband is 10x more so. He is not moved by anything. First, his job told him they’d transfer him, then they came back and said they couldn’t do it. He stood his ground and kept proceeding with the plans. Then it all turned around and he has received so much favor that multiple department heads want him and refuse to let him go.

So I decided to record a vlog today, in my tank top, big messy hair, and no makeup. Why do we always need to explain ourselves? As if we need to be glammed up in order for what we’re sharing to be valid? Ugh. Anyway, the point is I decided to vlog today and start keeping track of this journey. Follow along if you’d like. Also on Instagram, I’ll be using #LaguerresinPR for any photos related to the move and beyond. I believe we won’t be the only ones inspired to move to Puerto Rico in the coming years, and others can learn from this as well.

Here we go!

*Excuse the fact that I keep calling mainland US “the main Island”. I know our country is not an island. I have islands on the brain right now!

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